Women’s Health

Women’s Health


Feature/Patient Information

Addressing the Lifetime Healthcare Needs of Lesbian Patients Free

Creating an inclusive, nonjudgmental healthcare environment can improve patient-centered care for lesbian women.

Getting the Best Out of Healthcare: Information for Lesbian Teens and Women Free

Patient Info: Take charge of your health by getting the information you need and finding a clinician who will help.

Primary Care of Refugee Women Free

Many factors influence refugees' health status and ability to access and engage in U.S. medical systems.

Guideline Watch

New Guideline for Perinatal HIV Management Elicits Controversy Free

This recommendation calls for a return to AZT/3TC-based regimens in pregnant women; other expert panels strongly disagree.

ACOG Updates Guidelines for Management of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome Free

Obstetrician-gynecologists play key roles, but should consider referral to a genetic specialist as necessary.

Management of Severe Maternal Hypertension During Pregnancy and Postpartum

In this patient safety bundle, timely standardized management of severe hypertension is recommended to promote maternal safety.

News In Context

OB/GYN Group Revises Breast Screening Recommendations for Average-Risk Women Free

ACOG takes into account personal values about benefits and risks of screening..

CDC Outlines Options for HIV-Discordant Couples Who Want to Conceive Free

HIV-discordant couples — in which only one partner is HIV-infected — have several options for attempting to conceive while minimizing the uninfected partner's risk.

In Practice

Curbside Consultations: Checks and Balances Free

Curbside consults can improve patient care but are not risk free. In Practice blogger Alexandra Godfrey discusses the risks and benefits.

Practice Watch

Screening for Preeclampsia Remains Relevant Free

USPSTF continues to recommend that women be screened for hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Conservative Management Can Avert Surgery for Benign Adnexal Masses Free

International consensus suggests that, with expert imaging, rates of surgery for asymptomatic benign adnexal masses can be lowered.