Women’s Health

Women’s Health


Feature/Patient Information

Primary Care of Refugee Women Free

Many factors influence refugees' health status and ability to access and engage in U.S. medical systems.

Reproductive and Other Health Considerations for Women Undergoing Bariatric Surgery Free

Weight-loss surgery can have lasting ramifications for contraception, pregnancy, and bone health.

Special Issues for Women After Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery Free

Be prepared to prevent or delay pregnancy and maintain bone health.

Guideline Watch

North American Menopause Society Updates Its Position Statement on Hormone Therapy: 2017

Reaffirmation of HT's efficacy for managing vasomotor symptoms and genitourinary syndrome of menopause.

Assessing and Managing Adnexal Masses

New guidance from ACOG clarifies how adnexal masses should be triaged.

News In Context

OB/GYN Group Revises Breast Screening Recommendations for Average-Risk Women Free

ACOG takes into account personal values about benefits and risks of screening..

CDC Outlines Options for HIV-Discordant Couples Who Want to Conceive Free

HIV-discordant couples — in which only one partner is HIV-infected — have several options for attempting to conceive while minimizing the uninfected partner's risk.

In Practice

Curing the Toxic Culture: First, Honor Thy Patient Free

Blogger Harrison Reed offers solutions to curing a toxic healthcare workplace, beginning with how clinicians interact with patients.

Practice Watch

Screening for Preeclampsia Remains Relevant Free

USPSTF continues to recommend that women be screened for hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Conservative Management Can Avert Surgery for Benign Adnexal Masses Free

International consensus suggests that, with expert imaging, rates of surgery for asymptomatic benign adnexal masses can be lowered.