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Women’s Health


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New Guidance on Contraception While Breast-Feeding Free

Helping women balance the potential for contraceptive-associated concerns against the chances of undesired pregnancy is the challenge.

Choosing a Contraceptive Method when You're Breast-Feeding Free

How to safely prevent or delay pregnancy while breast-feeding your baby.

Guideline Watch

Incorporating HPV Testing into Cervical Cancer Screening: New Nuances

HPV testing can be used as a primary test beginning at age 25; however, cotesting with cytology remains preferred for women younger than 30.

New Guidelines for Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Methotrexate monotherapy remains the preferred initial treatment.

News In Context

Migraine in Women Associated with Cardiovascular Events, Mortality Free

Women with migraine face increased risk for cardiovascular events and CV mortality, according to a large prospective study in The BMJ.

FDA's Action on “Abortion Pill” Free

Mifepristone has a newly approved, evidence-based regimen.

In Practice

Fighting Decision Fatigue Free

Given the potentially serious consequences of clinician decision fatigue for patients seen late in the day or at the end of a long shift, physician assistant Harrison Reed offers some strategies.

Practice Watch

Managing Morning Sickness: Can We Be Systematic?

Authors of a systematic review suggest tiered management for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy based on available evidence.

ACOG Guidance on Clinical Challenges in Contraception Free

New recommendations help troubleshoot use of subdermal and intrauterine contraception.