Medical News

Risky Alcohol Intake on the Rise — Especially in Women, Minorities, Seniors Free

The prevalence of high-risk drinking and alcohol use disorder increased sharply over a decade, constituting a public health crisis, a JAMA Psychiatry study concludes.

Marijuana Use Tied to Death from Hypertension, Study Suggests Free

Patients may ask about a widely reported study suggesting that marijuana use is associated with increased risk for death from hypertension.

Associations Between Midlife Vascular Risk Factors and Dementia Seen in Cohort Free

Vascular risk factors like smoking and hypertension, when present at midlife, are associated with higher risks for later dementia, a prospective cohort study in JAMA Neurology finds.


Who Uses Marijuana for Medical Purposes? Free

People who report marijuana use for medical reasons are very similar to recreational users.