Medical News

Serious Infection Linked to Suicide Risk Free

Severe infections are associated with increased risk for suicide, according to an observational study in JAMA Psychiatry.

LGB Teens Face More Bullying and Violence in High School Free

Gay, lesbian, and bisexual students are at higher risk for violence and other problems in high school, according to a nationwide survey of students in MMWR.

Coprescribing Naloxone with Long-Term Opioids Effective and Feasible Free

Coprescribing naloxone to people who take opioids for chronic pain is both feasible and has clinical benefit.


Using Antipsychotics to Treat Agitation or Psychosis in Patients with Dementia: An APA Clinical Guideline

These medications, when used conservatively, can help dementia patients with dangerous levels of agitation, psychosis, or violent behavior.