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Kids' Aripiprazole Ingestion May Have Led to False-Positive Amphetamine Results Free

Accidental ingestion of the atypical antipsychotic aripiprazole by two children was associated with false-positive results for amphetamine on urine drug screens, according to case reports in Pediatrics.

Use of Mobile Devices by Young Children in U.S. Is Nearly Universal Free

Nearly all children aged 4 and under in a low-income community used an electronic mobile device, according to a cross-sectional study in Pediatrics.

Increase in Self-Harm Emergencies Noted After Bariatric Surgery Free

Patients undergoing bariatric surgery show a small but definite increase in self-harm emergencies after the procedure, researchers report in JAMA Surgery.


Reviews of Note Free

Transcranial direct current stimulation; olfactory mucosa yields insights into neuropsychiatric disorders; free, valid, and reliable instruments; where language lives; pathophysiology and treatment resistance in schizophrenia; obesity research; and traumatic brain injury — pathophysiology, neuro-ophthalmology, imaging techniques, and exercise treatment