Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases


Medical News

Have We Reached the End of HCV Drug Development? Free

What do you think is the most important remaining challenge in hepatitis C virus research? Take our poll.

Drug Watch / Vaccine Watch

Delafloxacin Approved for Treatment of Skin Infections

FDA approval gives us another option that should not be overused.

Single-Dose Live Oral Cholera Vaccine: ACIP Recommendations

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommends a single dose of vaccine for certain adult travelers to areas with active cholera transmission.

HIV and ID Observations Blog

Meropenem-Vaborbactam, Zika Cases Decline, Gas Station Nachos, and More — An End-of-Summer ID Link-o-Rama Free

What precisely are the infectious risks of bobbing for apples? In his latest Link-o-Rama, Dr. Paul Sax highlights noteworthy ID news.

Guideline Watch

2017 U.S. Adult Immunization Schedule

Small changes have been made to human papillomavirus and meningococcal vaccination schedules.

Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Leishmaniasis

Treatment options are limited, and supporting evidence generally is poor.

Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Adults and Children

Recommendations on TB testing incorporate recent evidence on using an interferon-gamma release assay for latent TB and nucleic acid amplification testing for active TB.