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Charles B. Hicks, MD

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Charles B. Hicks, MD, is Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California, San Diego and Medical Director of the Owen Clinic at UCSD. His main interest is clinical management of HIV infection, including primary infection. His research focuses on issues related to antiretroviral treatment, including resistance, both transmitted and acquired. He has also been involved in studies of cardiovascular complications associated with HIV infection. Dr. Hicks is involved as well in clinical trials of new antiretroviral agents in all phases of new drug development. He was a member of the NEJM Journal Watch AIDS Clinical Care Editorial Board since 2005. Dr. Hicks has been a member of the NEJM Journal Watch Infectious Diseases Editorial Board since May 2014.


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Gilead Sciences; ViiV; Merck


UptoDate, Inc.

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NIH; Department of Health and Human Services

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