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Peter Roy-Byrne, MD


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Peter Roy-Byrne, MD, is Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington, Seattle, and Director of the Center for Healthcare Improvement for Addictions Mental Illness and Medically Vulnerable Populations (CHAMMP) at Harborview Medical Center. His research emphasizes health-service outcomes within both academic and community care environments, especially services at the conjunction of general medicine and psychiatry. Current investigations include primary-care multimodal interventions for panic, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress and substance use disorders; treatments for disadvantaged depressed and anxious patients seen in public-sector healthcare settings; and genetic predictors of both risk for anxiety disorders and response to anxiety-disorder treatment. His past research has focused on the phenomenology and neurobiology of mood and anxiety disorders, especially the role of the benzodiazepine receptor in mood and anxiety disorders. Clinically, Dr. Roy-Byrne specializes in the evaluation, pharmacotherapy, and psychotherapy of patients with complex and treatment-refractory mood and anxiety disorders, with a focus on panic disorder, PTSD, major depression, and bipolar II patients. He is Past President of the Society for Biological Psychiatry, Editor-in-Chief of Depression and Anxiety, Co-editor-in-Chief, UpToDate Psychiatry, and the author of more than 250 peer-reviewed papers. Dr. Roy-Byrne served as Deputy Editor of NEJM Journal Watch Psychiatry from its inception in 1995 through 2003, and became Editor-in-Chief in 2004.



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NIH–National Institute of Mental Health

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Depression and Anxiety; UpToDate

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Anxiety Disorders Association of America (Ex-Officio Board Member); Washington State Psychiatric Society (Immediate Past-President)