About NEJM Group

About NEJM Group

NEJM Group was created by the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) to maintain the organization’s leadership in the complex, rapidly changing areas of biomedical research, clinical practice, health care delivery and ongoing medical education. Our mission is to advance medical knowledge from research to practice to ensure professionals have the information they need to improve health care quality and patient outcomes. Learn more about NEJM Group.

NEJM Group products reach health care professionals around the globe—making connections between clinical science and clinical practice. Our range of essential products helps you advance your knowledge, learning, practice and professional growth.

New England Journal of MedicineNew England Journal of Medicine

At the heart of NEJM Group is the publication that gave us our name: the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). Published continuously for over 200 years, NEJM is the most trusted and influential source for new medical knowledge and clinical best practices.

As technology has evolved, so has NEJM. Our pioneering research articles and comprehensive reviews cover many specialty areas and are complemented with rich multimedia and key takeaways. Clinical practice videos, images, interactive medical cases, podcasts, mobile apps, and email alerts provide a variety of options for readers to delve into clinical material. All content is enhanced through the rigorous, unbiased editorial process that has made NEJM the gold standard in medical publishing.

NEJM reaches millions of people in more than 175 countries, with over half of our research reports originating from outside the United States. A truly global brand, NEJM will continue to inform how medicine is understood and practiced worldwide while fueling efforts to improve health care delivery and patient outcomes.

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NEJM Knowledge+NEJM Knowledge+

Lifelong learning and ongoing certification requirements are a reality for today’s clinicians. NEJM Knowledge+ makes it easier for them to incorporate these activities into their busy schedules. The smart adaptive engine at the core of NEJM Knowledge+ transforms the learning process, with advanced technology that continually adjusts to users’ individual learning needs. The result is less time spent on material that’s been mastered and more time to focus on areas that need improvement. Plus, with options for use on the desktop, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, NEJM Knowledge+ lets clinicians learn and prepare for boards wherever and whenever they like.

NEJM Knowledge+ offers two products to choose from: Internal Medicine Board Review and Family Medicine Board Review. Both are packed with clinically relevant, rigorously edited, case-based content, with question banks that reflect specialty board blueprints. Plus, both offerings include timed practice exams, robust progress and performance reporting, and the opportunity to earn CME and other credits.

View the demo of Internal Medicine Board Review.

View the demo of Family Medicine Board Review.

Learn more about NEJM Knowledge+ and test your clinical proficiency with the NEJM Knowledge+ Question of the Week.

NEJM Journal WatchNEJM Journal Watch

The physician-editors of NEJM Journal Watch scour more than 250 medical journals across 13 specialties to provide the most critical and clinically relevant updates on the latest medical research.

NEJM Journal Watch delivers timely information that physicians can trust, in a format that makes for an engaging, productive read. With succinct summaries and expert commentary, NEJM Journal Watch helps time-constrained clinicians expand their knowledge and provide better patient care. In addition, a daily alert, Physician’s First Watch, recaps the most significant medical news from the previous 24 hours. Stories are curated and summarized in one email each morning.

Carefully vetted by our editorial team, NEJM Journal Watch products adhere to the same high standards that apply to all NEJM Group products.

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NEJM CareerCenterNEJM CareerCenter

When physicians are exploring the next step in their career — or recruiters are looking for the best candidates — they count on NEJM CareerCenter. NEJM Career Center is the physician jobs companion website of the New England Journal of Medicine, offering both job searching services for physicians and recruitment solutions for physician recruiters. Physicians can search permanent and locum tenens jobs in the U.S. and access helpful career related resources.

Stay up to date with the latest physician job postings by setting up an email job alert or download the NEJM CareerCenter iPhone app with push notifications.