Help With Cookies

Help With Cookies



What are some general cookie problems?


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that we create to store information on your computer. We do not use cookies to track what other sites you have visited, or to look at or track any personal or confidential information about you. We make use of cookies to enable authorization control for online subscriptions. We delete all our cookies when you click "Sign Out."

Are you required to accept cookies?

No. You are not required to accept cookies to use this site as a subscriber. If you choose not to accept them please click the alternate sign-in link on the Sign In page. If you do not accept cookies, please be aware that you cannot take advantage of our convenient auto sign-in feature. When not using cookies, the only way you can sign out is to quit your browser.

How do we use cookies on this site?

There are four cookies used in our system: “acceptsCookies” certifies that you are using a browser that accepts cookies. “username” identifies you to our system as a valid user. “pswd” tracks your password (encrypted). “JServSessionId” identifies your session to our computer.

The cookie information we create in your browser is destroyed as soon as you quit your browser unless you check “Remember me” when you sign in. If you do check “Remember me” and accept the cookies, they will remain resident in your system until you delete them by using “Sign Out.”

You can find out more about how we use cookies at our Cookie Information page.

What are some general cookie problems?

You are not accepting cookies.

Make sure that your browser's preferences are set to accept cookies.

You are using a program on your computer that automatically deletes cookies.

Two such programs for the Macintosh are "Cookie Cutter" and "WebFree." You will need to create an exception for Journal Watch Online.

The date is set incorrectly on your computer.

This confuses our cookies (they have expiration dates). Check to see that your date is set accurately.

Your browser does not support cookies.

You will need to upgrade your browser.

You are accessing Journal Watch Online via a "proxy server" that is deleting cookies automatically.

You should contact your network administrator to determine whether your institution's proxy server is the source of the trouble. If you still have difficulty, send us feedback.