Editorial Standards and Policies

Editorial Standards and Policies

We take pride in providing information that is both editorially independent and of the highest quality. Our editorial boards select, create, and rigorously review all content, and the Massachusetts Medical Society Committee on Publications, which also oversees the New England Journal of Medicine, provides additional guidance. NEJM Journal Watch’s editorial leadership also implements and monitors policies on editorial independence, conflicts of interest, and editorial board terms of service.

The Committee on Publications of the Massachusetts Medical Society

Committee Members

Lynda M. Young, Worcester, Chair

Stuart B. Mushlin, Norfolk, Vice Chair

Edward W. Boyer, Worcester

Paul M. Copeland, Essex South

Thomas J. Moore, Suffolk

Jack K. Ringler, Berkshire

Thomas E. Sullivan, Essex South

John B. Wong, Suffolk

Beverly M. Woo, Norfolk

Resident and Fellow Member:

Katherine L. Harvey, Norfolk

Medical Students

Member: Stephanie Pritchard, Suffolk

Alternate: Amy O. Flaster, Middlesex


Ronald A. Arky, Suffolk

Aram V. Chobanian, Suffolk

Kevin McKean

Deeb N. Salem, Suffolk

Debra F. Weinstein, Suffolk

Massachusetts Medical Society Publishing Division

Christopher R. Lynch, Vice President for Publishing

Rob Stuart, Managing Director, NEJM Group

Jonathan Adler, MD, Clinical Strategy Editor, NEJM Group

Robert Dall, Editorial Director, NEJM Journal Watch